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Welcome to West Chelsea Veterinary

Meet Our Team

Our Veterinary Healthcare Team

Our veterinary health care team is compromised of caring and patient individuals who help ensure your pet receives the kindest and gentlest of care. In addition to our 10 doctors, our skilled staff includes 1 practice manager, 11 front desk team members, 11 veterinary nurses, 16 veterinary assistants, and 2 maintenance team members. Fifty percent of our staff members have been working at West Chelsea Veterinary for more than five years, while 70% have been with us for more than three years. We take great pride in the longevity of our team and value immensely the consistency of top quality medical care that it helps to inspire. When your pet comes to West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to caring for them just as we would our own. 

Liz Luboja
Hospital Manager

Liz Luboja

Liz Luboja has been the Hospital Manager at West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital since the practice opened its doors in 1997. After graduating from NYU Law School in 1996 and pursuing a career in law, Liz decided that being a lawyer was not her cup of tea. She left the legal profession, never looking back, and joined West Chelsea Veterinary, finally feeling as if she had found her niche. Inevitably, a practice manager must wear many hats, overseeing all staff and client matters, and making sure that each area of the hospital runs smoothly and efficiently. She has watched the process of growth over the 22 years the hospital has been open: once a four-person business, now a 10-doctor, 50 employee practice committed to both medical excellence and top-quality, personalized client service. When Liz is not at West Chelsea Veterinary, her favorite place to be is in the company of her son with whom she shares an admitted obsession with all things sports! Together they live with and love dearly their black Lab mix, Holtby, and a herd of four adopted cats named Glavine, RA, Jordy, and Blueberry.

Front Desk Team: Krissy Mendoza, Supervisor/Team Leader

Front Desk Team: Krissy Mendoza

The client service team at West Chelsea Veterinary is one of the best and most experienced in New York City. Each of our front desk team members is knowledgeable, kind, and ready to help you assess your pet's condition and decide whether you need to bring them in to see a doctor. They serve as the main artery through which clients communicate with the hospital. Our client service team oversees client/doctor communications, books appointments, prepares each day's files, processes insurance claims, and, most importantly, welcomes you to West Chelsea Veterinary. Our entire team is here to make you, and your pet feel at home.

Nurses: Jose Lopez, Supervisor/Team Leader
Tori White, L.V.T., V.T.S. (Dentistry), Supervisor/Team Leader

Nurses: Jose Lopez, Supervisor/Team Leader

Our team of 11 veterinary nurses has over 125 years of combined experience between them. They work closely with our doctors in the medical treatment of our patients. They administer medication, prepare animals for surgery, draw blood, place catheters, monitor anesthesia during procedures, take and process radiographs, and implement our advanced pain management protocol. They are a crucial link in the chain of superior care that your pet will receive at West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinary Assistants: Denise McClutchy, Supervisor/Team leader
Samantha Lester, Supervisor/Team Leader

Veterinary Assistants: Denise McClutchy, Supervisor/Team leader

Our veterinary assistants directly assist our doctors and act as patient advocates. They help our doctors by gently holding and comforting pets during exams and are responsible for filling prescriptions, walking dogs, feeding hospitalized pets, and keeping our patients comfortable and happy. Their delicate handling and care mean that your pet will feel safe and at home even when he/she is at our hospital.  Our assistants have a demanding and varied job description to fulfill, making it one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the hospital.