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Welcome to West Chelsea Veterinary

West Chelsea Veterinary Surgical Services

At some point during your pet's life, they may need to undergo a surgical procedure. West Chelsea Veterinary's team of experienced surgeons is committed to making sure your pet comes through their surgery safely and can make a smooth and successful recovery. 

West Chelsea Veterinary Surgical Services

At West Chelsea Veterinary, all our pet patients receive focused attention and care. We offer a broad range of general pet surgery and soft-tissue surgical procedures, including spay and neuter surgeries, tumor/mass removal, urogenital surgery, laceration repair, and exploratory surgery. We offer the highest standard of care in our facility, which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced diagnostic technologies to ensure your pet receives personalized treatment and top-notch care.

In addition to adhering to strict veterinary medicine standards for all surgical procedures, our highly trained team conducts pre-anesthetic bloodwork and a comprehensive physical exam to make sure your pet is healthy and ready for surgery. We analyze screening results in our on-site laboratory and provide detailed information about your pet’s surgery in advance so that you are also well-prepared.

From the minute details of your pet's individually tailored anesthesia plan to the attention given to post-surgical recovery and pain management, our expert and highly experienced West Chelsea Veterinary team is here to ensure that you and your pet feel comfortable and well taken care of during surgical procedures.

To find out more about West Chelsea Veterinary surgery services, please call us at (212) 645‑2767.