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Welcome to West Chelsea Veterinary

Convenient Pharmacy and Pet Retail Services

At West Chelsea Veterinary, we understand that it is not easy to stop at a pharmacy with your pet in tow to pick up any medications that may have been prescribed during their veterinary visit. 


Your time is valuable, and our team recognizes that. Our in-house pharmacy and retail areas offer a wide variety of medications that can be prepared immediately and given to you before you and your pet leave the hospital, saving you precious time and avoiding the hassle of dealing with a human pharmacy. This is especially convenient if your pet needs pain management care to help them feel better quickly. 

We also carry and keep well-stocked varieties of Hill’s™ Prescription Diet® and Royal Canin™ Veterinary Diets®, and a small range of Purina® Veterinary Diets. Most foods within these prescription diet lines are available for special order if we do not have them in stock.

In addition to carrying a broad array of prescription diets, we also carry a small variety of helpful veterinary-focused pet products including nail trimmers, thermometers, pet hair pick up rollers, kitten and puppy replacement milk, Nutrical®, Laxatone®, flea combs, can caps, measuring cups, Feliway® and Adaptil® products, pill cutters, Pill Pockets®, and a variety of dental care products and chews.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet at West Chelsea Veterinary soon. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at (212) 645‑2767.